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every bear needs a home...

...which one will you adopt?

Welcome to Fairy Ellen.

We have had a very busy year creating beautiful furry friends that were sent all over the world to meet their new owners in their forever homes.

We will continue to sell through Etsy for now but as soon as we have the time, we will make it possible for you to order directly from this website. In the mean-time, thank you for your patience and support and please feel free to visit our Etsy shop using the button below...

The bears you will see on Etsy are just a small selection of ready made characters to be purchased as seen but we also specialise in bespoke custom orders so please feel free to contact us below for more information...

Please note: Fairy Ellen bears are collector's items and are not intended for children.

Edmund & Hillary the Polar Bears
Peter the Pocket Bear
Ophelia the Fairy Bear
Buster the Bear Cub
Bravery Bears
Hugo the Huggable
Pumpkin the Bravery Bear
Bernard the Bravery Bear
Betty the Bravery Bear
Bespoke Pocket Bear
Bear Hug Bookmarks
Bertie the Bravery Bear
Edmund the Polar Bear
Baxter the Brown Bear
Tobias the Tea Bear
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